Overview of Instruction

We work with all levels of golfers, from rank beginners to PGA Professionals, from little swingers (4-6 year old’s) to retirees. No matter where you currently are with your game we can help you to reach the next level.

Our philosophy is simple — explore what our students want and need and help them achieve it. Anything is easy if you know how. The only true learning is through self-discovery. Our approach isn’t to over teach but rather to help the student to learn. Every golfer has extraordinary abilities, our goal is to help them discover, utilize and enjoy them. We do not teach a method rather; we teach individuals.

Our approach to golf teaching and coaching is very holistic. For starters, your equipment and physical potential will be examined. To become a complete golfer you must understand and be adept at the fundamentals of setting up to the ball and swinging the club. You must also be able to make the necessary adjustments to play different types of shots. The different short game shots, which are so critical to scoring, must be learned. As well as the strategy of when to play particular shots. We will help you to understand the learning process and to develop a plan (how to practice) to achieve your goals in these areas. 

To write the story (play the game) we will help you with an additional set of skills involving course and self-management. Having realistic expectations, being able to relax and focus, managing your emotions to the benefit of your game and staying in the present tense are all aspects of playing the game. When handled effectively, will help you to reach your potential.

Finally, our promise is to make learning and playing the game an enjoyable experience. Our goal is to enhance the pleasure in learning and playing itself, so that golf or any game, regains its role as a source of renewal, recreation and ease.

We look forward to working with you.