Junior Golf

The concept and intent of the Crumpin-Fox Club junior program is to represent a serious commitment toward the development of youth golfers at a world class facility. Our goal is to provide an enjoyable and fulfilling experience – the kind that emphasizes integrity, maturity, sportsmanship and sound values.

The improvement of our juniors’ golfing skills is just one objective of our program. Observing one’s own progress provides pleasure and satisfaction and is very important to any youngster. Working on fine motor skills also has its share of educational opportunities, such as exposure to the undeniable law of effort and reward – and its relationship to success and failure.

Summer Camps

The CFC Junior Camps follow an instructional program with an emphasis on the development of golf skills, personal development, competitiveness and good fun! Skill improvement is not the only objective of our program. Fairness and equitable treatment — as taught through the rules of golf—are equally applicable to the rules of life in general. Courage, perseverance and self-control are enduring values which can strengthen a youngster’s character.

Half Day Camps (beginners ages 7-12)

Focused on creating a fun, low stress, group learning environment for new or less experienced junior golfers. For three hours each day, the professional staff will work with juniors on the basic skills and fundamentals of golf in a fun game based approach to learning.

Full Day Camps (ages 9-15)

Geared towards junior golfers looking to improve upon specific golf skills including putting, short game, iron play, woods and drivers. Golf course management is a big component to the full day camps, allowing junior golfers the opportunity to get on course instruction from the professional staff each day. Camp participants will be broken into smaller groups allowing for more repetitions, as well as playing 9-holes each day.

Junior Golf Request